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The original quartz countertop surface. Founded in 1987, CaesarStone is named after the ancient Roman city of Caesarea in a Kibbutz called Sdot-Yam in Israel. Think of the cocktail party value you can get out of that tidbit. What they discovered way back in 1987 was that the right mixture of ground quartz aggregates, pigments and polymers produced an unparalleled surface.

CaesarStone quartz countertops are actually 93% quartz, one of natures hardest minerals. There are 4 color groups, read that 4 price levels in CaesarStone. There are 38 standard colors, some  available in a honed finish and some in a textured finish.

CaesarStone quartz countertops offers has some great benefits and endorsements:

1. Residential Lifetime Warranty!
2. Good Housekeeping Seal. The Good Housekeeping Seal is like a second warranty. This third party company the Good Housekeeping Institute will actually replace any product with it's seal for up to two years.
3. Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified
4. Kosher Certificate by Rabbi Yisrael Rozen, Engineer and Dean of the Zomet Institute. (more great cocktail party tidbits)
5. Certified under ANSI/NSF standard 51
6. ISO 14001 Certified, CaesarStone fulfills stringent global standards for environmental protection. Which means this is more than just a pretty product it's also a pretty good company.